Blanket Crochet for Baby Granny Square


A good crocheter always stays practicing and looking for news to do to practice and increase his abilities. Creativity always comes along with the craftsmanship to flow new pieces and works, because the craft requires practice, skill and concentration. Everything moves together until the way you are calm or stressed changes the result of your work. 

Then look for a quiet, cool place to do your work in peace and so calm yourself even more and let the imagination flow and thus have great results. The craftsmanship is indicated to improve memory, brain, controlling stress, giving a feeling of joy and satisfaction. Crochet is one of the types of crafts that is indicated and that has many benefits. Crochet is one of the oldest techniques that exists of crafts, and that is practiced by the artisans until today. 


Used in pieces of clothing, baby, decorations, quilts, crochet is used in practically everything, everything that your imagination send. Producing even unique pieces for your wardrobe with creation and blending stitches of that crochet that is loved by us. And it is no longer practiced only by grandchildren and older people but of any age they want.


The blankets made of crochet are much sought after and practiced because besides heating us they make the bed more beautiful and the atmosphere cozier. In this matter of today I come to speak of a pattern well known and practiced which is the Crochet Granny Square Blanket. is a very simple pattern and its result is fantastic and perfect for anyone who is starting out in the practice of crochet because it is an easy level point.


A crochet blanket with this point is very light and can do with the color you prefer to do from corner to corner and can be changed in size as you prefer because it is only going to make the points as you prefer, what changes is the number of points made . When you get to practice the point is much faster to do, you will love the result.

For the more detailed you can even put more details and embellishments on the piece like crochet appliques, barred with another stitch or even use decorative ribbons as in the picture above that I left the model for you to be inspired. This point is perfect for relaxing and improving memory, easily learning by repeating the points.

The size and thickness of the yarn in your blanket is yours, which is cooler in this pattern, giving you the freedom to do whatever you want and so your crochet skills improve even more and offer ideas about more things. If you are at the beginner level in crochet I give a tip that is if you choose to make this pattern to be a baby blanket, use a soft textured yarn to not hurt and itch the skin and also make it easier to see the stitches.

Learn from the simple step-by-step written to understand what I’ve left below the link for you, how to do that beautiful Granny Square Baby Blanket that is easy and quick to do. 

Crochet Pattern Free Writing  Blanket for Baby Granny Square