Lily Pattern Crochet Tunic


Once again we are here on our website to bring a beautiful pattern to everyone who loves this craft just like me. As I said here on the site about quarantine, many people looked for something to occupy their heads and with that, many people started to practice crochet and other types of crafts. As I said in another article, crochet has many benefits for us, for our health. Crochet has made a difference in people’s lives, not only for the money of an extra income but also for an improvement in mental health and also in an improvement in memory and also in the skill of the hands.

As a result, the demand for new patterns and beginner-level patterns has greatly increased. If you search on google you will see several articles about it, that crochet has been very good for this phase that we are in. Various materials saying that this habit of doing crochet gives a motivation to the person during the pandemic, becoming a therapy and that many young people seek to learn knitting and crochet, showing that it is not only something for older people, but can be practiced by the people you want.

About the Pattern

It is always necessary to do something different, change routines to learn new and cool things that motivate us and leave us feeling useful. So we also got out of the cell phone and television a little bit, doing something good for our body and mind. Put your problems aside and take care of yourself, concentrating for a moment and leaving it relaxed, much lighter.

Lily Pattern Crochet Tunic

Searching the internet yesterday for clothes made of crochet I found this blouse that is very delicate and beautiful. It is a very common style of blouse to find and people like it, it is a project that, after being completed, becomes very special, and can even be passed down from generation to generation to pass as something special made by the hands. Today’s pattern is a blouse called Tunic of lily, it is really charming. I saw several models on the internet, but this one caught my attention because of the drawings on it that the dots make, a very delicate flower pattern.

This blouse can be used with jeans, over overalls and also with shorts or leggings. In order not to appear the lingerie you can use a top underneath. I’ve seen you use even a thinner strap top underneath it too, as you prefer. Choose soft yarns that do not have thicker threads so as not to scratch or give allergies, so that it is a comfortable and uncomfortable blouse. Good option to gift someone.

Used Needle size 3.5 mm, Medium darning needle. A 3-4 fold gradient yarn was recommended for the blouse to have a smooth and light fit. and getting softer and more delicate, different from a thicker thread or made with a thicker needle, getting bigger stitches.


Below I left the two graphs I found on the internet, save the graphs and print them out to get better if you prefer and you can also take them wherever you want to crochet. As in the photo above, this pattern can be made of one color or innovate with the colors you prefer, neutral colors or your favorites. After months it is this incredible result of the photo, remembering that time changes a lot from person to person for free time. I hope you like this pattern as much as I loved it and I started doing it too. I want to give it to my aunt who has her birthday in 3 months, I have free time.


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