Crochet Butterfly Chain Tutorial


Looking at the internet, I see that many people make crochet necklaces and of several different types. What caught my attention was butterflies. Crochet butterflies are a very simple and quick tutorial to do, when you do the first time you will always want to do and innovate another work with it. I hope you enjoy this tutorial of this post because this crochet is very simple and can be done by people who are now starting to crochet.

I love these types of crochet work and I try to learn more and more. Always use your creativity and your knowledge to create the pieces you want. Here in our blog we always have news of all levels, make sure that we do not put any impossible standard to do because here we are to help and always bring news to you.


Use this pattern to make borders for dishes, necklaces, details on dresses or sweaters, whatever you want to do. If you want to know how to make this beautiful pattern, keep reading and check the pattern below.


This is a great tutorial for all those people who are looking for new things to venture into or even for those who are just starting out with crochet, I am sure they will love this pattern for being fast and easy, beginner level. You can do several works with this pattern such as necklaces, hair band, dish cloths, details in dresses and clothes, in fact many things can do and what your imagination send.


I think these butterflies are also cute in children’s pieces, after all this pattern fits anywhere you apply, everything looks beautiful. This is a wonderful idea that I will use a lot to innovate some pieces of mine, enjoy that the pattern of flowers is free and also do, innovate your pieces if you work selling and increase your income. Play with the colors and make beautiful butterflies.

Take your materials to do this pattern, in 5 minutes you make this butterfly, so with this short time we spend to make, we can make more pieces and have more practice still because we only have skill and excellence if we practice really.

Choose the hook according to the thickness of your wire or the opposite, the thicker the thicker wire has to be the hook to make the point, remembering that the point becomes thicker, wider. If you make thinner wire the hook has to be thinner and the stitch gets smaller, I advise you to use the thinner because the work is delicate and will look lovely with a smaller stitch.

Do not waste time and do it right now, in no time you will have many crochet butterflies. Choose the hook and thread you prefer and start practicing, you will not regret it. Below is the video tutorial to help you with the step by step to follow and do not forget to enjoy our page on facebook Crochet Love and until next time.