Collect in crochet beautiful women


The beauty of a woman gets even more beautiful when being comes to an outfit in crochet, today the tutorial is amazing the beauty of women we brought a different vest made in crochet all worked in delicacy. It really is an amazing piece, you can check out the wealth of detail by the photo tutorial, of course I made one of this for my person, it’s just loved.

Regarding the degree of difficulty in the production of the piece I found average, the points are complex more even a beginner manages to perform it good. I made one for myself and I’m already producing one for my mom who also loved it, the vest is perfectly beautiful, fits very well with any outfit, be it a dress, a blouse with shorts will look amazing indeed.


The look wearing a piece as it is looks delicate, sophisticated and well trendin crochet vest is one of the wild cards that can not miss in your wardrobe. I tell you that it is a joker piece because we can diversify the look well, which make it perfect, just change your clothes and put it as a key accessory that will look amazing

You know that beach weekend you picked up? Well, when you leave the beach you make amends at the bar? Put on a shorts and vest over the bikini that will look amazing. The cool thing about this point is the art of possibilities, from the same piece I manage to recreate others as beautiful as the same detail the versatility of the point is really a delight.

A piece of low cost, I did not have so much spent on the material is amazing, when I was starting in the business invested in easy tutorials and that spent little on the material item. As I grew older I was improving my skills and was able to put more sophisticated pieces, I had a piece of each tutorial which I did the sales photo.


If someone wanted the same piece I put a deadline, received 50% of the value and started the production is so going, because sometimes depending on the  model is more pulled have all the colors and even make available all sizes.

Ideally, it produces a maximum of 3 models of each tutorial, of the key sizes, which I always say are those that have good output turnover and then go working only on demand. This is a way to save, invest time and expand only in the pieces that will actually come out, it is no use going out making several models, of various colors and not being able to sell.

Especially when we’re starting out, invest time and money only in two pieces of each tutorial the other work only on demand.

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We know that when we’re starting out we don’t have much money to invest, nor time either, because actually crochet is a manual labor, we need to stop and produce.

The tutorial serves to help you get the piece from start to finish, so when you take each tutorial faithfully follow all the steps and don’t forget to just start another tutorial when you finish what you picked up to do.

It’s crochet is persistence, make it perfect, then be automatic, let’s now learn another tutorial of this amazing piece all crafted in crochet.

I would like to point out first that the tutorial is credited on the official website you can check the step by step in the video below.