Reversible Crochet Baby Dress


Crochet is used in many pieces, both for decoration or clothing. The crochet dress is worn and has enchanted everyone since many years ago. Who works with crochet to sell, it is important to always have pieces of crochet dresses, for both adults and children. Crochet dresses sell a lot and are in high demand. Innovate and leave several ready-made pieces of different colors, styles and embellishments.

Crochet dresses made for babies and children are always welcome and highly sought after for being delicate and cute. Browsing the internet we see many models to make our girls more and more beautiful, from babies to more girls. Many pieces of different models, with sleeves, or straps, with fabric or ribbons, there are different models, full of charm.


Reversible Crochet Baby Dress

Today’s pattern is a very beautiful crochet dress that enchanted me. Children’s dresses are delicate, can be worn in summer and also in winter, using blouses underneath or you can also make a crochet dress with long sleeves, models for the cold are cute too and very useful, but it is more common to use for summer.

To do this type of work it is important to remember that you must buy soft and malleable yarn. It can be made with woolen thread or thread. There are models of dresses with flowers in the pattern or crochet appliqués. Dresses made with flowers are more cheerful and give prominence to children’s clothes, it makes it more delicate.

There are models that are mixed, you do not need to make the entire crochet dress, you can make the skirt out of plain or printed fabric and leave the original the way you prefer and be inspired. Using two ways like this is very differentiated and looks charming, getting the waist thinner and more defined in the dress being able to put a satin ribbon or a belt that you prefer.


It has a dress model that uses the yarns of different colors, leaving a gradient of colors that gives a charming and beautiful final result, leaving a different piece and that stands out. A more elaborate piece, both for babies and children up to 10 years old, looks beautiful. For those who sell their works, make them different colors, neutral, stronger and colorful. That way they can please all their customers. 

There are the models with handles that are among the most sought after too, which are very cool for hot days. There are also models that use chevron leaves, making it more delicate and a dress for a different, more formal occasion. Dress with tulle is princess style, which is widely used in weddings, more formal parties that everyone loves and is successful leaving the girls as a little princess.

A tip for those who sell dresses, too, is to make bows, hair bands, crochet appliqués and even crochet shoes to sell also with the dress, thus increasing the value of your sales. From the dress I brought today, I left the photo of the result above I hope you like it. Make beautiful patterns of it because it is cute and very practical because of the buttons on the handle, making it easier to change the child, especially babies. 

I leave the link below where you will find the complete step by step of the pattern and also two tutorial videos complete with all the information on how to make this pattern from the photo above, have fun and make beautiful pieces. See other beautiful patterns here on our website that has many lovely and lovely things and come back often.

Pattern PDF  – Reversible Crochet Baby Dress