Primrose Stitch Crochet


Hello crocheters, welcome to our website where we share amazing crochet patterns, beginner tips, clothing patterns, rugs, blankets, scarves, hats and more and various video tutorials to help you complete even more projects.

I’m passionate about manual labor, so I’m happy to help people find patterns that they will look for or help them practice more and learnfrom us, I share everything that’s good so today it’s no different than that, I bring another amazing model that I’d like to share with you below


Different we already know that crochet is indeed something amazing, brought a stitch called very interesting primrose is beautiful to do that you can play and be fun when making your creations.

Stitch in crochet primula
Stitch in crochet primula

I started to make an exhibition blanket for sofa and girls I’m in love, in fact it is a tutorial that came to teach me and add knowledge in my trajectory as an artisan, because I did not know, simply found beautiful the effect after ready and it was worth every minute invested to learn this tutorial.

As I always speak for more experience that we are in the area, there is always something new in the market to be learn, I happened to be looking for novelty to produce and saw this piece, not a minute excited to do and simply the blanket after ready will look beautiful.


I’m suspicious of talking about crochet, because in fact I’m passionate about this amazing world of possibilities, I learn a lot from these wonderful designs that create and share gorgeous models like this.

This point is also perfect for producing a terme, napkins, cushion cover and other pieces that will leave the environment or even you wonderful.

The tutorial recreates the dot in the color lilac that is a grace, imagine so the same point recreated in red, green, blue and even bite. It will be amazing, beautiful because it is already a wonderful point when reproduced just to test.

We are living in an intense pandemic moment and you are suddenly at home, unemployed(a) doing nothing, want advice?

Start crocheting as a hobby, take that time you’re idle and invest in knowledge, learn crochet, detour day and night until you can make your first game, or rather, first piece.

It does not necessarily need to be this tutorial, take a look at our site, take the tutorials of basic and easy mode and follow all the instructions informed, without skipping a step by step.

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You will notice that after finishing your first play, this will leave you motivated to do several others, this will leave you more and more passionate about making new and publicizing.

So my friend crocheter, do not waste more time, despend yourself to manufacture more and more pieces, I would like to emphasize the importance of rummaging through our site in search of knowledge, this will add you and a lot here.

Another important thing to make clear that all the tutorials here on the site, is credit intended for the official site so let’s get our hands dirty and start doing that tutorial today by clicking here.