Free Pattern Tutorial Amigurumi Puppy


Today we bring you a different idea of crochet, the famous Amigurumi, a passionate puppy from Svetlana Budarina, a delicate and beautiful piece to give to your loved ones. To make this amazing piece, you only need cotton threads and hooks, and the size of the finished piece is 19cm.

Whoever is in this world of creativity and crochet knows very well that the pieces made through Amigurumi are on the rise. In fact, these pieces have become so popular that they are now feverish in Brazil. Amigurumi are very delicate pieces, with simple finishing that hardly anyone who sees will not fall in love.


For those who already practice crochet know that it is not difficult to do, but if you are a beginner do not be alarmed, with the technique taught by Svetlana Budarina you will learn to do something simple and practical. It is to create not only the dog that she teaches in the tutorial through the step by step plus many more stuffed animals that will leave anyone in love.

In the Amigurumi technique you can let your creativity flow and create the character you want, from child to adult there is no age to fall in love with a gift like this, especially everything worked in crochet.

The model made is not difficult as long as you pay attention to the taught step by step, once done we are sure that you will look for other models here on our website or even on the website of the mentioned professional and learn from us.


I cannot fail to mention that Amigurumi is an excellent income opportunity, after all, because not making several of these and exposing them to your acquaintances, children will love the total perfection in the details.

It is cool that these crochet pieces can reproduce the character you prefer, any character today can be made of Amigurumi, today with us you will learn to make the best friend of the dog.

I don’t know if you guys already know, but the amigurumi came from Japan in the 80s and is now viral all over the world, in fact Japan is the place that we take as a reference in these weaving techniques, since the amigurumi is a mixture that worked between knitting and crochet.

In the past, Orientals made their own socks using the same technique that we do today with amigurumi, and in a quick journey through time, we can see the importance of this point, this work of ours.

Ah, another curiosity that you probably do not know is that amigurumi are pieces that do not extend only to stuffed animals, we can do anything through that point.
Flowers, plants and even famous characters have already been made all over Brazil, so you can see how Amigurumi is a promising market, right?

Certainly, after doing this first, your production will skyrocket, and if you are a beginner, don’t be alarmed, you will transform needle and thread into art. Keep following with us the daily tips that we bring on the portal, as I’m sure it will add a lot of value to your learning, you will see how crochet is not difficult and it will become a profitable therapy.

Now enough of the subject, let’s get our hands dirty and learn from those who know, check out the technique of Svetlana Budarina by clicking here.