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“The color of passion”. Most likely you may have already heard this phrase related to the color red. And in fact, she really is the color of passion. But not only that. Red has numerous other physical and psychological meanings, characteristics and effects. If you are passionate about color, it is very worth checking this post from beginning to end. We’ll tell you all about red and give you amazing tips on how to use color without error in decoration. Oh, and even if you don’t like the color much, just hang around, there’s a good chance you’ll surrender to the oldest color charms in the world. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make an amazing Double Crochet Blanket. Let’s get started?

Color Meaning
Let’s skip the part of the passion you already know by heart and sauté and move on to the other meanings of red. Did you know that this beautiful color is also associated with energy, dynamism, power, excitement and desire? Yeah. Everything that relates to human passions is surrounded by the color red. So much so that this is the color of hell, of the devil, of fire, of sin. Remember Eva’s apple?

The temptation in paradise was red. Already in the Middle Ages, redheaded women were considered witches and so many of them were burned at the stake, solely because they had red hair, things at that time were not easy for anyone.

Color is also associated with violence, anger and confusion. Research shows that red-painted rooms increase the likelihood of fights between couples, while people’s reaction levels increase by up to 12% when exposed to a red environment. Red also symbolizes the color of blood, heart and vitality. In China, red is the most commonly used color even for holiday celebrations. There, red is also the color of brides, as in India, there are many curiosities that we do not know.

The ideals of revolution and freedom are symbolically based on the power of the color red. Or do you think the red flags linked to socialism and communism are just by chance? If so, you are wrong. The color red is one of the colors with the most physical and psychological effects that exists. No wonder this is the favorite color for advertising.

Red is highly stimulating. Try entering a room that is completely painted with color to see how it feels. The heartbeat accelerates, the blood pressure rises and the longer the exposure to color the more restless and nervous people feel. For this reason, the use of red should be cautious and balanced in any decoration or environment. To get an idea of ​​the power of color, depressed patients exposed to red feel more excited and willing.

Free Available Pattern: Crochet Triangle Blanket

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