Crochet Triangle Blanket


Crochet, like any other type of craft, is a great idea to relax, to pass the time and even make some extra money from your salary at the end of the month. Besides, how can you not be enchanted by the love and whimsy that only handmade things have? No wonder they have been conquering more and more people of all ages, whether producing or consuming these pieces. If you’ve always dreamed of learning how to crochet, know everything you need to venture into this technique.

Starting a new hobby can be really cool. But it’s not always easy to research and gather the essential information to learn the basics. All crafts require materials and crochet is no different. Generally speaking, you will need a needle and thread, but sometimes the needle can be replaced by the fingers if it is thicker thread or by the arms. It all depends on the type of piece you want to produce, after all, within the crochet technique, there is an infinity of styles and developments. Try now to think about the details of the piece you want to produce, so you can guarantee that you will have the right material on hand.


Once you’ve bought your basic crochet kit, it’s time for the stitches. Again, there are many techniques within the grand universe of crochet. But with the basic stitches – chain, low stitch, high stitch and very low stitch – it is already possible to create a lot and evolve to other stitches. If you already crochet, check out many ideas and inspirations for your new work! If you are passionate about colors, this post is well worth checking out from beginning to end.


About the Pattern

The pattern we’ve set aside to bring on the site today, is a beautiful and really cool crochet blanket to make, Crochet Triangle Blanket. The pattern has a very beautiful designer as you can see in the photo above that I leave as an example, he has a drawing of several triangles united that in the end is this incredible result. This pattern has many variations that you can make and modify as you like and prefer.


With this pattern you can do many things besides blanket your bed and warm up in the cold, crochet blankets are great for warming up. In addition, you can make blankets for sofa or armchairs in the living room or balcony, you can use it to make rugs, blouses, coats, bags, grocery bags, in short, everything you can do with it through your knowledge and experience, enjoy. Our imagination and our experiences are our best friends, because each time we practice and learn it increases and gives us more ideas and improves our skills to get to do everything we want.

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Just below I leave the link where you will find the entire written step by step of this pattern, with an image to follow and see the point correctly in detail, and there are more photos of the finished work. It also has the colors that were used to make an equal if you want. After the link you will also find a video tutorial to follow, thus helping even more to understand every detail and make beautiful pieces and delight everyone. Good job and let your imagination flow, enjoy and learn more. Share our site with friends, take a look at our other patterns that we share here too.

Free Available Pattern: Crochet Triangle Blanket