Flower with Crocodile Stitch


There are many possibilities to make several crochet, as there are several patterns available and several stitches that can make different pieces using the same stitch. There are points that are very useful to learn because you can do several jobs with it. Each pattern is a different adventure, a different challenge and one that we love and the result motivates us.

As time passes, new things are created and many innovations also exist with existing patterns. Many new pieces and new decorations appeared according to modernity and so the crochet was also advancing and never losing its space. Always being loved and practiced by thousands of people.


With these thousands of possibilities we have to do with crochet, we can do some new work every month because it allows us to create many things without repeating. Today the pattern is about a beautiful point that has a wonderful designer, I’m sure you will like it, when I saw it I loved it and so did my friend. Separate your materials and let’s go.

Pattern Flower with Crocodile Stitch

The crocodile stitch flower pattern you brought today is a very delicate stitch that has a 3D designer, one stitch overlapping the other, thus giving this effect that we love. I had seen this point on a baby blanket before and I was enchanted, but in this way it was made, to look like a flower it was very beautiful. The distribution of the leaf with the flower itself is done through the colors and that alone gives the flower effect, incredible is not.

It is a very delicate pattern to make your environment more cozy and comfortable, and with this pattern there is no way to get ugly, just enchant everyone. There are many color variations for this point as well as several ways to do it if you don’t want a flower, you can make a two-tone gradient or a colorful pattern as I’ve seen on the internet and it was very beautiful, charming. This point cannot be wrong. You can also use it to make a beautiful blanket for your sofa or for your bed, at the end of the bed to decorate, it looks beautiful.
Have fun doing it because it is very beautiful to see this pattern forming, remembering that it is useful to learn the point because you can do it using a beautiful bedspread, cushion cover, towel rail or wherever you want to use, incorporate or innovate with this crocodile point. It seems to be difficult but it is not, even better, it is not difficult and it looks beautiful.
Use your creativity and create many beautiful and different pieces, make the most of the pattern because it is very variable, I just loved every detail and I am working on a quilt for my daughter with light colors. Make pieces for your home or for relatives as a gift, I am sure you will love it too and a gift made with your hands is more special.

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I searched a lot on the internet looking for graphics or step by step, but I found a video on youtube in another language but we can do it together with her, so you should already have a crochet experience knowing the main and beginner points to be able to follow the video quietly. Enjoy every second and pay close attention to every detail, come back as many times as necessary to not miss anything. Thank you for your visit here on our website, we are very grateful for the affection of everyone with the visits and comments.