Crochet blanket afghan with roses


The Afghan crochet blanket with roses is a perfect crochet pattern for the coldest days and can warm us up when we are in the comfort of our sofa or in bed. It is an easy crochet blanket to make if you follow the tutorial that we will make available here on the blog. The crochet blanket suggested here is in these beautiful colors, but the choice of colors is up to your taste and according to your decoration to leave the environment well with your face.

For the winter, the crochet blanket, in addition to completing your home decor, is a perfect item to keep warm while watching your favorite series. Pay close attention to the crochet pattern when making your blanket, the square is simple to make and the colors can be adapted to your taste.


If you wish you can make the Afghan crochet blanket with roses to give to someone, or also for sale in the winter to complement your income. The Afghan crochet blanket with roses is very beautiful, excellent for the coldest days.

Afghan crochet blanket with roses is fantastic to add a touch of elegance to your sofa or bed. many people often use it to enhance the decor and on colder days it can be used to warm up during a good movie or series. With little material it is possible to make this beautiful piece for decoration.

The crochet is sensational and allows you to use your creativity to do various types of work, such as making blankets, cushion, carpet, and thus complete the decoration of your home in an incredible way. They are unique pieces that are made with a lot of love and care. Crochet has become a popular option, in quarantine many people have learned to crochet.


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Using the knowledge in crochet to follow the crochet pattern you can make this fantastic blanket with roses. If you prefer, you can gift someone you like very much, or complete the decoration of your home or sell to complement your income.

Tutorial by marifu6a