Blanket Crochet Rainbow


When it comes to decorating crochet can be inserted as a very tasteful piece, this is because it is already amazing the models recreated in crochet be we are to evaluate the richness of detail so we will have super beautiful, delicate and very charming models.

An environment decorated with a crochet blanket leaves anywhere very sophisticated, today I bring a tutorial all worked on tightly closed manual stitches that will give shape to a colorful blanket, called rainbow blanket.


When talking about crochet I’m suspicious, I’m the crazy of tutorials and today searching the internet I took freedom and started to create this model, I’m finding amazing, the stitches are very easy and versable, I started to do and I’m getting success.

Manta in Crochet Rainbow Bernat
Manta in Crochet Rainbow Bernat

The cool thing about this model of blanket is that I can do both it for children’s use, both to decorate the environment, whether it is exposed on the bed, on the couch or even in a chic armchair, look amazing and really beautiful.

I’m in love and it’s worth checking out all the step by step that we will make available at the end of the tutorial, a piece like this being you are artisan is worth investing your time in recreating, because it has easy spin and output and I can sell fast.


I believe that as soon as I expose this beautiful blanket, I will have sale and order because really the piece is beautiful and very cheerful for any environment.

If you are a beginner crocheter recommend trying to manufacture this model, I found it very easy, the stitches after you learn and pickup the moleof the thing, goes from start to finish in the same manufacturing process is gets amazing.

Another interesting thing about this model is the ease of the points and versatility of the same that give an ease in time to recreate certain models, so I learning this already open my mind to new creations as beautiful as these and I’m in love.

You know even having an experience in this business for some time I love working recreating pieces on top of tutorials, this because it is much easier and I can surface my creativity for something new, sometimes I even know how to make the point, i would never imagine that I could recreate such a piece and then it opens my mind in a strategic and very versatile way for new creations , Love to crochet because the possibility with thread is needle is what really enchants me, I’m passionate and suspicious in speaking.

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Also, if you are a person who is starting in this market is want to have an entrepreneurial vision, it is very worth investing in crochet as a business point, this because you have the possibility of very fast return with low investment.

Only in crochet do you get this miracle of multiplication, so I always leave tips, tutorials and amazing information in the business to motivate you to learn and evolve as a crocheter.

After all, having thread and needle you get the art of possibility and so will evolve and a lot in the business, you know because I see tutorials and reproduce, because in fact learning and sharing with you.

Well let’s stop chatting and go today learn this beautiful and amazing colorful blanket, where the step by step is the image credits is intended for the official website of the tutorial that you will check with us today right click here.

Manta in Crochet Rainbow Bernat