Crochet granny brioche blanket


If you want to start a small business, crochet can be an excellent choice. This skill has a wide range of potential business opportunities and can be a great addition to any portfolio. Some of these options include paid ads on social media, joining a craft fair, and setting your own prices.

If you crochet and sell your products online, you may have the opportunity to earn extra income. You can sell your handmade products online for a small price and promote them through social media.


One way to promote your knitted items is to offer free or paid patterns online. These can be shared on Facebook and Pinterest. You can also sell your products on Etsy. This marketplace provides a built-in audience and makes it very easy to sell your products.

Granny Brioche Blanket pattern by Fran Mori | Crochet blanket patterns, Crochet square blanket, Crochet granny square blanket

In addition, you can search for other sellers using the search engine on the site.

Another option is to create your own subscription boxes to sell your handmade products. To do this, you should use a unique #UnBoxing hashtag for your posts.


Another way to earn extra income from crochet is to sell crochet patterns. You can easily create patterns and sell them online. Also, you can create your own website and promote it on social media. Furthermore, you can link your site to your Etsy store.

Joining a craft fair to sell your products

Joining a craft fair can be a great way to meet new people and sell your products. However, this type of event requires some preparation. This means arriving early, maintaining a positive attitude, and talking to customers. If you plan to attend a large craft show, consider investing in a marketing budget.

While many craft shows still only accept cash, more vendors are accepting credit and debit cards. Using a mobile POS device, credit card machine or a dedicated terminal are useful ways to process payments.

There are also apps that help craft fair suppliers manage their finances. PayPal and Square are two popular options for collecting credit card payments.

Craft fairs can be an opportunity to test new ideas and designs. They are also a great place to get feedback from potential customers. If you are selling a handmade product, a craft fair can be a free focus group for your products.

For example, a pottery artist can ask visitors to vote for the design they like best. Putting the winning designs on a chalkboard at their booth is an attractive idea that engages customers.

Before going to a craft fair you should do a thorough evaluation of your products. Make sure you have enough time for preparation. Although you may not sell anything at the fair, you can get feedback from customers about your products and business.

You should also have an e-mail sign-up sheet on display. Also, give your business cards and postcards to potential customers. If you want to generate more leads, you can even offer a discount code.

Setting a price for your products

When setting a price for your products when crocheting for extra income, it is important to take into consideration the materials and time involved in creating them. You also need to consider additional expenses such as handling and shipping.

Many crafters recommend pricing their items at twice what they paid for the materials. But this is not always the best approach and you should do some market research first. Check out local craft fairs, Facebook marketplaces, and Etsy to see what other sellers are charging for similar items.

Another popular option for crocheters to sell their products is to join craft fairs. In exchange for a small fee, you will receive a booth at a craft fair. You can also promote your products on -line and increase your customer base internationally. If you can attract a large customer base, you can set your price higher.

Selling handcrafted products can be very profitable if you have the skill. If you crochet regularly, you can create a collection of unique items that you can sell at a profit. You can sell them online or offline, at craft markets, on social media platforms, or in a physical store.

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Free Available Pattern Crochet Granny Brioche Blanket 

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