Crochet Pattern Fancy Jacket for women


In the past, crochet was made for men at the time of hunting and was done only with fingers. Then it started to appear in other countries and “crochet in the air” appeared, the technique that uses thread and needle, like the one we know.

In the past it was very undervalued, seen as to create cheaper parts by copying more expensive parts. After many changes, the crochet pieces became for the nobility as a hobby and with that it became more known and practiced until today.


Many things have also changed in materials such as needles, they were formerly made of wood and bones and then made the hook removable. Over the years, everything has been modernized, the needles were made with a fixed hook, it still has a wooden needle but it has other models, many different models such as aluminum, acrylic with steel, decorated or simpler, a huge variety to choose from.

Years pass and crochet is practiced by thousands of people, you and I are in this beautiful craft that is passed on from generation to generation. And each year that passes it innovates, quite a different pattern from years ago with today’s.

It was simpler now it is more delicate, more complex and more modern. The internet is always ready to help and our website is one of the helpers because here we have patterns every day available for free.


About the Pattern Fancy Jacket 

The pattern that we will make available in today’s post is a wonderful piece, there is no one who is not enchanted by it, as it is very beautiful and modern that does not seem to be made with the hands. An elegant piece of intermediate difficulty level to advanced because of the details but if you focus and have determination and a lot of attention, you can make the pattern because nothing is impossible to do.

Having knowledge of the stitches you will be able to do, if you have difficulty train before starting, train each stitch to be perfect afterwards in the piece. Today’s pattern is very delicate and detailed so it is good to practice the stitch before what to do already in the piece, so avoid spoiling or undoing any stitch when making the blouse. This coat is very detailed, full of curves and different designer, so a lot of attention when making to not ruin your piece, apart from this detail, this pattern is very fun to make. In the photo there is a classic color of patterns like this, lace style, more neutral and classic colors, but you can use the color you prefer and find it better.

Patterns like this are hard to find, so detailed and more sophisticated. The stitches that look like crochet with stones are just the type of stitch. The style of the pattern is very different, great for practicing. In addition to neutral colors, they can make other colors as shown in the video, a shade of light blue that was also cool. Choose the color you prefer and are planning for an event and make beautiful pieces.

I leave a video tutorial that shows all the information on how to make this wonderful pattern, do not miss the opportunity to learn this marvel. This pattern is a beautiful piece to sell as well because its value on the internet is very high, good for having a good extra income, so enjoy. I hope you like it and come back to our site more often, thank you and see you next time.