Cactus Garden Blanket CAL


Nothing better than having a beautiful, comfortable and cozy room! But we must always know how to harmonize these three characteristics to make your environment even better. Every detail makes a difference to the decoration, it seems difficult at first, but it is very nice and pleasant to do something with your hands. That’s why we always have to research a lot because there are many beautiful patterns that you may like. Here on our website we have more than 100 patterns to choose from and have fun.

There are many patterns of clothes, blankets, baby clothes, rugs, cushion covers and much more for your decoration. When we do something with our hands to decorate our way, the piece is unique showing our taste and our personality. In addition to decorating we can also innovate pieces that we already have, thus making it more modern and tidying up what has spoiled.


For decoration, we have on our website rugs, sofa blankets, cushion covers, table cloths and many pieces to make and place in the decoration. Choose something that is harmonious for the environment and also neutral colors that are easy to match, but colorful pieces look beautiful too. I leave below a photo of how our pattern today is all colored.


Pattern Cactus Garden Blanket CAL

As you can see the pattern I bring today for everyone is a crochet blanket with the name of Cactus Garden Blanket CAL. In the photo it is all colored, mixing various colors and tones, if you liked it you can do it this way, but also if you prefer something more neutral with classic colors you can make it look beautiful, or using 2 colors of the same color style to make a beautiful gradient , it’s wonderful.


A blanket totally changes the environment of the room, as important as the color of the room. Use good quality soft yarns to make your blanket very cozy and warm. The blanket in this pattern above is in these colors, in this beautiful effect that remained but the choice of colors and combinations is up to your taste, whatever you find more beautiful and fun to do. A blanket is very welcome on cold days, so this blanket is a great gift option for people to place on the couch or bed.

I already want to make one for my friend, I’m sure she will love a blanket in white and pink, they are her favorite colors. It takes about 4 months to make sure that I have plenty of free time, so I’ll start now. Start right now too, share with your friends because you can also like this beautiful blanket.

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If you liked this crochet blanket pattern just like me, then don’t waste time, save it to your favorites to be your next project. The link I left for you below has all the information, the type of yarn used, colors and also the amount that was used in the size they made, size of the needles, size of approximately will be the pattern ready, small and one more wide. It is also written all the step by step with photos of each step to better understand and compare it with yours, it also has the graph to follow and count the points. Anyway this is the complete pattern to be able to do it correctly, enjoy and make beautiful pieces. I hope you like it, good job, until the next pattern kiss.

Free Available Pattern: Cactus Garden Blanket CAL