Blue Star Afghan Crocheted Blanket Tutorial


If you want to start working as a craftswoman and are just beginning in this amazing world of crochet, follow us step by step to learn how to make this amazing blanket that will leave anyone just looking in love.

It is hard not to look at a crochet piece and not fall in love, the richness of details, colors, and even the way we can handle the needle and thread and transform that simple thing into art. It is a gift that many people find impossible to acquire.


Of course there are people who seem to have been born for it, but it is important to emphasize that practice will always lead us to perfection. Crochet is a gift x practice, the more you do it, the more you learn, the more you evolve and the richer the details of your piece will be.

It’s the same with the afghan piece that you’ll learn in this post, it’s the cool thing with just a G6 size crochet needle and threads, you’ll learn this amazing piece.

Another interesting thing is that if you are looking for extra income opportunity, this is an excellent option to start, since the pieces made in this model are very attractive and for sure those who look will want to buy and order one with you.


Crochet is an opportunity for extra income!

Country in crisis why not get your spare time and be dedicated to this craft that will generate an extra income, there are many ways to make money with crochet, we are providing you with the opportunity to learn this wonderful blanket, but you can vary is much in its production, with the same stitch that we will teach you next you can be extend to quilts, blankets and many other pieces that will generate an extra income.

In addition to being a hobby, see crochet as a business opportunity, it is a job that will only depend on you and your effort, nothing more. If you are a beginner crochetist, rest assured that with willpower and persistence, in addition to all the tutorials and valuable tips that we provide here, you will soon learn to make not only a model, but several models of crocheted pieces that will provide you with the opportunity for extra income.

And the best thing is that it will give you more professional independence, money, and a very relaxing hobby, because while you are learning each piece and making them you are stimulating your brain and also your motor coordination.

All you need is the needle, the necessary materials, the thread of your choice, and some free time to do it. Are you thinking of giving this as a gift to someone? This would be an amazing gift, handmade, with perfect work, delicate and totally handmade, the person you are going to give it to will be in love.

It will make your home more beautiful and with a delicate and sophisticated touch, because that’s what any piece of crochet provides in the environment.

Good luck, we hope you enjoy and follow this amazing step by step check out the original pattern of the piece ☞ Blue Star Afghan.