Sweet Little Granny Tunic Dress Free Crochet Pattern


Today I bring you a new crochet pattern that will delight everyone. I’m passionate about working on crocheted baby clothes, so I always love it and I think it’s cute. The clothes made in crochet are incredible and very original, and never go out of style, on the contrary, they are always modernizing and updating themselves.

I always research the news on the internet and I always see new patterns, videos or tips that always help me and give me a lot of ideas and that I am very satisfied, always have something to learn. Today’s amazing pattern is how to make a beautiful crochet baby dress that is very nice and easy to make. Mothers and daughters love because they are delicate and feminine, being a naturally enchanting grace and all mothers are enchanted.


This is a great piece to leave your daughter like real princesses in these crochet dresses, even more made by yourself. If you already know how to sew and crochet it will be much easier to make this model for your daughter or to give as a gift. Crochet baby dress ideas are very sought after and accepted by everyone, there are several patterns with graphics, videos in short everything you need to be able to make many works of art and help with other ideas.



Just like I brought you one of the models that exists but we have other dresses on our website already posted. Take a look at our patterns available on the website which will also love our other models. Make the color you prefer and also if you want to change something in the pattern or incorporate more details for example a ribbon or crochet appliqués to make your piece more original and to your liking.


You can also opt for a more discreet and self-made baptism dress, making the piece more special. Take advantage of these crochet dress patterns available with the recipes and make amazing pieces. I’m sure you’ll love it and if it’s a gift, you’ll love it too. If you work in sales, having a baby dress is essential for sales and be sure to make your customers and your daughters delighted and even more beautiful. You are already an experienced crochet hook this pattern will be very easy to make so enjoy and practice more to get more experience and skill with your hands.

I was thinking and remembering that when I was 1 year old I had a crochet dress and I love to see his pictures, it was very beautiful on me. And now with modernity, crochet dresses are still used, he never leaves home so enjoy and make a beautiful one as you like, if you want to put stones, ribbons or even crochet flowers, do it your way and enchant everyone and also win more customers !!

To Do It You Will Need

 – Scissors;
 – Crochet line of your choice;
 – Crochet needle with thickness that likes to work according to the chosen line;
 – If in case of decorating, separate ribbons, gemstones of your choice in combination with the color of the chosen line.
Ch – chain
Dc – double crochet
Slst – slip stitch

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If you liked this pattern don’t waste time, do it right now, save the pattern and share it with your friends too. Below I leave the link with the free step by step on how to make this amazing crochet dress pattern with all the information, I hope you like it and good work. Don’t forget to see our other patterns here on the site. Good job to all and always come back.

Pattern With Step by Step Sweet Little Granny Tunic Dress