Pattern Crochet Apron


Hello my crochet friend, once again we are here to bring you a beautiful work. Yesterday I was researching various things, researching some pattern ideas that I was asked for. I was asked a lot of ideas for crochet clothes such as blouses, jackets, gloves, children’s clothes, dresses, shawls, socks anyway, various things to make your own everyday items and also to keep warm in the cold. And I found many beautiful things. I found something different that caught my attention, which was a crochet apron. I’ve never really seen anything like it, I found it very original and creative.

We who make crafts always have to look for new things to learn. For people who sell the pieces they produce, they have to look for new and different things like that, because it draws people’s attention and also doing something different, someone else will not have the same piece, and whenever someone searches for that piece for example, they will remember who made it, unique people, hard to find in any store.


Pattern Crochet Apron

To be unique, do many unique projects, not the basics. Make different pieces, incredible pieces, that enchants the look. That was how I became interested in this piece that I brought today, below I leave a photo of a model ready to observe and see how beautiful and flashy it is because of the vivid colors.

The pattern is made up of granny squares, the largest comprising the body, where the apron neck and belly are, and the other two squares are made from the outside by sewing them on the apron to form the pockets. Really incredible. The size can be modevel.

The size of the pattern depends on how you want, larger or smaller depends on the number of rows of stitches made, so it also works on the waist, making it according to the size of the person who is going to use the crochet apron. Another way you can do it is to complete the entire front making a pattern of stitches and then make two strips to tie, so it is easier to adjust on the body, and can be used by anyone, just adjust.


Pattern finish

As shown in the photo, we can also use the popcorn stitch on the sides of the apron body square, giving a more fluffy and beautiful finish. But also nothing prevents making other stitches to finish the way you prefer, in addition to the popcorn stitch, there are several nice stitches that look beautiful.

When I saw this picture on the internet, I was really delighted with the pattern, the video I had of it is in another language but we can keep track of the stitches that she is making and do the same, making it together with her, visualizing now to know how . Because of the reading of the stitches in the videos, it is necessary to have a knowledge of the crochet, main stitches and of course if you know how to make the stitch in the granny square, it will be easier to do because you already know how each stitch is made in the video, so this pattern is classified as intermediate level.

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Well I hope you liked it and that you enjoy this pattern a lot, because it is very different and beautiful. Make beautiful combinations and delight everyone, we meet in the next pattern. Here on our website we have many cool things, take a look at the other patterns, you will like it, save to favorites Good job and see you soon.

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