Crochet Square Popcorn Stitch Flower


The Crafts Loved website is a website where there are many crochet patterns available to learn and increase your knowledge. So this site is for everyone who loves to make this beautiful craft, to learn more, increase skills and innovate every day. We have patterns in every way, from the simplest and easiest to more elaborate and detailed patterns.

We have patterns for bedspreads, blouses, baby clothes, caps, socks, tablecloths, blankets, crochet animals, shawls, coats etc. We have many things over a hundred free patterns post for everyone to enjoy and practice more and more and improve their skills as it only increases with a lot of training and dedication.


We always have to be attentive to fashion and the news that come up, I always see different models on the internet and I see a lot of work. There are millions of crochet patterns, there’s no way to get sick or repeat, there are always patterns that you haven’t made yet, so take advantage of this variety of things to learn and that always increases the options more. Today we are going to learn a pattern of a crochet flower square in popcorn pattern.

Pattern Crochet Square Popcorn Stitch 

Today’s pattern, as I said, is using the popcorn stitch to make the designer that I left in the photo above of how it looks when it ends. With our hands we can make beautiful pieces and this is one of them. Everything we have done, we must always do with love and dedication, facing new challenges and learning new things, whether in our work or our hobby. Crochet is a handicraft charm.

Today’s pattern is made into a square, using the pipka stitch and other simpler stitches to form the design. Following the pattern, the design of a flower style is very beautiful. After the square is made, you make more squares until you finish the quilt or blanket you planned. Before you start to crochet, choose what you are going to do to know more or less the amount of squares you need to produce. After making all the necessary squares for your work, start sewing all of them, thus growing the piece until finished.


Assembling the squares

With it you can make bedspreads for the bed, blanket for the living room sofa or armchairs, used in rugs, tablecloths, dresses and whatever you want to produce and find good. After making the squares of the quantity you need and also in the colors you have chosen, join the squares by sewing according to the color of the thread used in the crochet square to be uniform and not appear different color of thread. Use only one color in a whole square as in the photo left or use more colors, as you prefer and find it better to do.

Below I attached the video tutorial of this point to learn and follow the step by step in practice, take your notebook, cell phone or tablet and put it to watch and go doing it together. Go back to the video when you find it necessary not to miss any details. It is worth making this pattern, leave it for your next project if you are finishing something because I am sure you will love it, I loved it when I saw a photo of him. In the video you have all the information of materials used also if you want to do the same. Thank you for visiting us, always come back and good work to all, love and a lot of dedication, See you in the next job.