Tunisian crochet pillow 3D blocks


Choosing a color for painting or decorating a double bedroom is keeping the balance in the room. And believe me, the use of color has an incredible effect on both the look and routine of the couple. Each color has a different meaning and it influences the mood. Therefore the hue can greatly influence the use of the environment. Those who prefer something more discreet can choose to use colors in decorative objects such as bedding, paintings, armchairs, bedside tables and lamps. Follow the post to learn more and learn how to make a delicate Tunisian crochet pillow 3D blocks.

But it is common to use a color to paint a wall or to use a wallpaper with a predominant color that gets greater prominence in the environment in which it is used. The cooler shades like green and blue are great for bringing peace and quiet in the room. So try to match the lighting and favorable furniture for a calm and light night.

The yellow and orange makes the environment more vibrant and is ideal for bringing joy and energy to the room or any other room in the house. A great idea for couples who have just married or set up their bedroom, as the harmony of their last moments of love remains.

Pink is a favorite of all couples, as it makes the room more romantic and with hues the stronger or lighter it creates various effects. If you want a delicate atmosphere, prefer the light pink and you can complete the decoration with blue furniture and white joinery, which form a clean combination. In addition pink has a calming effect on the environment.

Another color that can leave the flame lit for the couple is red, as it symbolizes passion. Despite being a vibrant shade the red looks great on headboards the bed can be upholstered or wood. If you prefer to invest this color in some object in sight to keep the love atmosphere always in place like pillows, blankets, bedding, etc …

Neutral colors such as gray, white and brown are options that bring sophistication and modernity to the environment. They are ideal to bring warmth and provide a more intimate space so it is recommended to mix with other soft shades such as yellow and purple. There are many color combinations that can be made and used in decorations, just let your imagination fly and you will be amazed.

Free Available Pattern: Tunisian crochet pillow 3D blocks

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