Blue Happy Cal


The search for ideas and project references is essential for those who want to innovate or renovate the home. After all, we find everything over the internet, right? But most of the time, matching the pocket to our tastes is one of the most complicated tasks for those who want to invest little. So, we have separated simple decoration tips to apply in your home and the tutorial on how to make a beautiful and delicate Blue Happy Cal:

As a difficult task, follow this selection of simple tips for you to apply to your decor! The first step is to keep in mind the desired style, even with a low cost proposal, the environment can get the face of the residents. It is important to combine personal taste with practicality, functionality and comfort to achieve the expected result.

Every detail offers harmony in the environment, but the organization must work hard to avoid weighing the information, using each space creatively! Create amazing, magazine-style environments in your home with some simple, basic decorating tips and tricks used by architectural and decorating professionals:

Some options that can be used are the high ceiling with a touch of color. Older apartments have higher ceilings, however, new developments may give up plaster recess to create a different twist, as in the above project. With painting up to 2.00 meters you can create the impression of a longer environment through this simple technique that you can do yourself.

Geometric decoration is a strong trend. This is a way to innovate in the environment without having to spend too much or a big job. With the help of crepe tape, delimit the strokes to form this harmony of colors and contrasts. The geometric shapes are present in some details of our daily lives whether in colors, prints, designs or textures. Used since the Stone Age to decorate the caves, it is still on the rise to complement the ambiance in the interior area.

Laminate parts with adhesive on back can also be used. Self-adhesive pieces are another technique for decorating the wall without the need for porcelain tiles. You buy the Kit yourself and assemble it the way you want and get seasick, you can easily change the location and distribution. There are so many inspirations that can be found on the internet, how about taking a look?

Free Available Pattern: Blue Happy Cal

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