Pattern Crochet Blue Happy Cal


The search on the internet for ideas and references of crochet projects is always essential for those who want to deepen making patterns and improve the skills to make beautiful pieces by innovating the wardrobe or the house. After all, we can find everything on the internet, like our site we have a lot of news here for you, many patterns in different ways. Having a new outfit or a new decoration for your home sometimes doesn’t fit in your pocket, and with crafts like crochet.

We can make clothes and also something for our decoration like pieces or rugs, tablecloths anyway, innovating and spending little. Every detail you make will bring harmony to the environment. Working with crochet is amazing and you always want to do more and we should be like that, learning a different crochet appliqué, then a different square pattern, a tablecloth, a crochet strip for your napkin can do many things.


Today I bring a beautiful pattern, very detailed and that’s why it takes longer to make, but the end makes up for it. The pattern is more advanced because it has many details and several drawings to form the pattern, but if you have dedication you can get what you want, not only in crafts but in everything in life. So let’s learn a little more with this post.


Pattern Crochet Blue Happy Cal

As you can see above, I left a picture of the pattern that I bring for everyone today, it’s a crochet blanket with the name Blue Happy Cal, it’s composed of several squares of two sizes and other details to form the entire pattern and then do it. the edges which are six rows of edges to give the finish. In the photo the pattern was very wide showing it completely to see every detail and then compare to see how yours is getting.


Regarding the color of the pattern, it is very colorful as shown in the photo, but nothing prevents it from being more patterned, the flowers all in one color, the borders in one or two colors to make it more formal for a decorative blanket. But if you like something more cheerful and casual, do it in this colorful style, the link I leave for you at the end has all the colors used in the pattern. To increase the size, just increase the squares around the pattern and then place the border, in this case it’s for non-blanket blankets.

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Below I leave the pattern link where you will find more pictures of the finished blanket pattern in other colors and combination models that can give you more ideas on how to make and design something original and how to like to leave the final result. In the link you will find the entire walkthrough and everything in pdf, all parts of the blanket, each square and edges are in pdf.

It consists of six parts to go through the whole step-by-step complete and written for you to learn. As it is longer, the pdf is nice to print and make wherever you are, in line at a bank or anywhere you have a stop and have free time to do it. Enjoy every detail written for you and make beautiful blankets. Thank you all for visiting and I hope you come back more often, we have patterns every day here. Good job everyone and until the next pattern here on our Crafts Loved site.

Free Available Pattern: Blue Happy Cal