Blouse Diagrams Crochet Pineapple


We adapt to everything and to each new reality that appears in our lives, sometimes it is necessary to change routines to improve our quality of life, to change habits that we acquire over the days and phases. With each passing year many things change in our lives, many things change around the world and always innovating. Always create and learn new things.

With our crafts, our crochet, we have to be changing too, learning new things, always trying, connecting with the world of crochet news and innovations. With the internet everything is easier, it is easier to find patterns you are looking for, easier to learn that point or that job you always wanted and to challenge yourself every day. We want you to make the most of each pattern that we bring with such affection.


I always research a lot about a type of pattern and look for the best, the most complete, a video or a video with the graphic. The more information I find here, because I know that information is never too much, the more it gets better to learn and do the job perfectly. And in this post it was a pattern that I found while researching clothes, crochet blouses that are so used.

About Blouse Diagrams Crochet Pineapple

Doing activities with our hands makes us better, they make us forget about the problems of our life, our routine, the service. We left it aside and focused on the piece at that moment, at each point made that in the end is an incredible result. For us humans it’s always good to have something that challenges us isn’t it? It keeps us alive. I love what I do and I see many people who also love crochet and are dedicated to it, not only for money because they sell their pieces, but for having a satisfaction of seeing something forming, materializing and made by their hands, I think an incredible thing.

I want to crochet until I can no longer make the right stitches with my hands, I always want in my life. I have a lot of jobs saved to give to my daughter and to keep from generation to generation. I want my daughter to like and be enchanted by this hobby too, but of course if she wants to, I don’t want anything forced that is so freely spontaneous and willing to learn this wonderful craft that we love.


One tip I give is to do a workout every morning to warm up your hands and thereby improve your skills. Crochet greatly improves motor coordination and concentration and this makes you more focused on your other tasks at home or work. This increases your productivity, both in crochet and in your work if you have one outside the home. For people who work with computers it improves writing and gets smarter to learn more. One thing leads to another, a benefit improves something else as well. I hope they get better with each passing day. Then choose the color you prefer in your pattern and start practicing.

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Graphic and Video Tutorial

Below I leave the graph I found of this pattern Blouse Diagrams Crochet Pineapple which is incredible. Then I leave the video tutorial that I found very interesting and complete, it teaches step by step, each part of this beautiful blouse to be able to make beautiful pieces. Enjoy the information left here and good work. See also other patterns here on our website, we have lots of cool works from all levels of crochet skills, patterns for everyone.