Klaziena Shawl Free Crochet Pattern


Doing matter here for you is always a pleasure because I know that many always expect me to bring news and make available here on the website for you amazing patterns that were looking or wanting to do. I love what I do and I will continue to do it can be sure, I love crochet, I love my website, I love what I do, the craftsmanship is fantastic and I know you love them too. Crochet always has new patterns for us to learn, and with that we should always update ourselves and try to improve our practice of points.

Crochet will never go out of style so take advantage of it, just as many also do to take extra income at the end of the month. The cold begins, and with it we start looking for winter patterns to do and practice. There is a job more beautiful than the other, difficult to choose which to do first. With great difficulty I chose one to bring and share here on the site with you. Today the pattern chosen will be of a wonderful xalé that heats us and also makes us more elegant, does not it.


The crochet shawls are definitely gorgeous and are my favorites. It is gratifying to make one with one’s own hands and also beautiful the result, besides being very simple to do, are many charming. You can make the wire shawl thicker or thinner like wool, or you can do with those blended yarns that I love the effect it gives in the piece, it’s wonderful.

The crochet shawl has long been used since antiquity, is very common and is the women’s wardrobe wildcard for winter beyond the dear boots. They are super useful because in addition to warm us in the cold and winter they give an extra charm in the look and elegance to our look.

If you do not have one in your closet, this is the time to have and still do with your own hands. It suits any occasion even on formal occasions. You can apply crochet appliques to give a detailed touch to your piece. Abuse your creativity and the different ways you do and increase your crochet skills.


If the cold is too strong it is necessary to wrap the shawl around the neck and also put a jacket or coat on top, placing the tip of the shawls inside the coat. Another way to use it is by letting the loose ends forward and use with the jacket open. It is a piece that in winter is very used and leaves the look more elegant and charming.

Free Pattern Available : Klaziena Shawl