Crochet Pattern Heart Blanket


Hello friends, how are the projects for this month, month of May has started so we must get organized, who already finished their jobs from the past month should already start organizing for this month to do beautiful things, beautiful works and learn new things, practice more and have more skills with your hands. Improving skills make it easier to do new things, finish jobs faster and be able to do more in the month.

Finishing patterns faster and learning new ones is great for people who make to sell, so that more pieces are left to sell, more income and sales come in. Here you will always find patterns daily, new patterns every day for everyone here. I love to bring news to everyone and we never repeat patterns here, so every day is new, I hope you like it and come back more often. Everything here is for you, done with love and to help people always.


I love crochet and I love making new stitches, pieces and learning new things. Crochet always changes, there are always new things to learn, different ways to learn and make it easier to crochet and also always innovating old pieces. I have a habit of innovating the pieces I have at home doing something different to change and make it beautiful. The pattern in this post is about a heart cover, very romantic, it is a very delicate and unique blanket.

Crochet Pattern Heart Blanket

As you can see in the photo above as a demonstration, our pattern today is about a baby blanket with heart designs. This pattern has a very beautiful and romantic designer, being very delicate and perfect for baby blankets, it is a beautiful piece.When I saw this pattern I fell in love, because I love baby things and also cute things like that, do not forget to use soft yarns for baby parts to avoid hurting and also anti-allergic yarns. In addition to being easy to make, it is also quick, of course depending on what you are going to do, if you want to make a quilt it will take longer than a blanket or blanket for baby.


It has diamonds and hearts designer with a wavy pattern with the hearts in the middle interspersed as in the photo, thus forming the drawings. You can use this pattern to do what you want but in a blanket, baby blanket is beautiful, everything related to baby will be beautiful because it is a delicate and cute pattern. You can also use this stitch in handbag details or make it whole from this stitch, pillow covers, rugs, use to make shawls is also beautiful.

I loved this pattern so much that I’m going to make a blanket for my daughter and a cushion cover for her room, make some combinations. It seems complicated to do because of its designner, but it is not and it is a lot of fun to do because you see the hearts forming, it is very cool. Good option to give as a gift to future moms, they will love it. I found the entire step by step that I will leave below.

Written pattern ?

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I also leave the video tutorial with all the necessary information to make this wonderful pattern full of hearts. Also take advantage of this pattern to make something for the mothers day that is coming, let your imagination flow and make beautiful pieces. Take advantage of all the information left here and make beautiful pieces with your hands.