Crochet Sunflower Blanket


Hello my beautiful crocheters, I’m in love in this tutorial in crochet and had to share with you, I have not finished mine because it is laborious more looks than wealth of details, look that really beautiful piece.

Named as covered or sunflower model blanket all works on manual crochet stitches is a piece to leave anyone in love, I started to do little time is in fact when it looks beautiful I think I’ll drool.


I like pieces so leave the luxurious bed is very charming, after all any piece in reality crafted in crochet leave the environment in fact beautiful, it is not the first time I bring different blankets in reality be you take a quick look throughout the site you will notice that the models we bring are quite distinct.

Covered Sunflower in crochet
Covered Sunflower in crochet

I’ve always seen my profession as something different, because in fact the pieces in crochet provide us with endless possibilities, and that’s what motivates me to make and replicate these models.

Because that’s what fact will bring a demand on the market, crochet is already something different because not everyone does, when combined with a well done, well-crafted job leaves anyone in fact in love.


I went into the business does not have time, more as I mentioned in other tutorials I’m the crazy step by step, in my spare times I stay on the internet researching news from the world and testing, because in fact i’m no longer a beginner I still learn a lot every day.

The tutorials open the mind to new possibilities, sometimes I even know the point, more in fact did not imagine that would give to recreate a certain piece, the cool thing is that I end up motivating myself and a recrio several others model.

So I like to always have this contact with you and share this knowledge that I’m sure enriches your life as well as provides an enriching knowledge in mine.

Did you know that crochet has been increasingly inserted into the world of decorating, imagine having a beautiful blanket as it is exposed in your bed.

In addition to being used also as a blanket to warm you on the coldest and cooler days, in fact it is a piece that will be worth investing your time and the money to buy the material is to put your hand in the dough.

I always make a template of all the tutorials that I follow, this because every crocheter needs to be a good marketer, so I produce a piece that is always mine! (Laughs).

On our website you can take a look at other tutorials below:

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It is the other depending on the size of course, work only on request, this optimizes my time and money, it is only work at the request of the client.

If you’re starting this piece is a challenge for you, don’t stand there with your hands tied, no job in the market, make crochet your life opportunity, create pieces as beautiful as you are and market.

Of course initially it will not be easy, more after a while things work out, you will start to receive order and be motivate in continuing to grow in the business, when less expect is with your own business.

I would like to point out that crochet is a promising growth branch, it’s all the tutorials I share here with you, the image credits is copyright and intended for the official website to which you can check out the tutorial of this amazing sunflower blanket by clicking here.

Covered Sunflower in crochet
Covered Sunflower in crochet