Floral female crochet vest


I’m just in love, with this amazing tutorial on crochet this wonderful vest, I’ve already made two for my person is simply loved. The point is amazing and very versatile, from the same point I recreate a beautiful beach outing.

It is worth doing the step by step tutorial very well done, I had no difficulty, the tutorial is of medium difficulty level simply I loved to do. Detail I already have 4 more orders of the same piece, very economical, super simple and versatile the point is for you want to learn something amazing.


It is worth checking out the tutorial of this vest that can also be used as a beach outlet. The crochet as always transforming lives, I feel very beautiful wearing a piece as is, I mean to you that I love the clothes made in crochet by the sophistication and beauty that each of them provide us.

Floral female crochet vest
Floral female crochet vest

Because it’s a very manual job, everything done in crochet in fact is beautiful.

The low cost of building this piece is what makes it interesting for marketing, you spend little line and manage to build an amazing piece to sell.


I tell you that I started crocheting 6 years ago, i was left out of the job market and didn’t know what I was going to do with my life, with a small son to raise.

I’ve been crocheting for some time, most never actually took crochet seriously, I solved it so the time I was getting unemployment insurance learn and make crochet an extra income, it was a difficult decision and very afraid.

I always thought, is it going wrong? What am I going to do with my life?

Thanks to the desire to learn and to my good God, I can make my first pieces seeking tutorials, invest a lot in dish cloths and made custom beaks on them, go out every day with several pieces and was offering on the streets.

I started out of nowhere, just wanted to win in life and bring sustenance to my son, I always liked technology, so I decided to combine the internet with my work, so every tutorial I learned, when finishing the piece I dissected and from there the word-of-mouth marketing was emerging, as I said: at first nothing is easy.

The first month I felt fear, low self-esteem, anguish of not getting it, but I had willpower, so tirelessly I devoted myself to the stitches until I learned.

In the second month it became easier, I could already produce some pieces, i no longer felt so much difficulty holding the needle, was already happier, motivated and enthusiastic, details already received orders at home.

In the third month I no longer needed to go so far on the streets, i could already make enough pieces at home, spent a little more time with my son and was managing to support myself with crochet money.

From the 3rd month onwards it was just victory, I was growing in a hard way, when I saw was already on automatic and could already take an income to invest in my materials, support and save, i mean to you the internet helped me a lot.

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Because I could sell to more people, more people could look at my work is then the demands only grew. Today I still remain on the Internet, always looking for news and tutorials that add value to my business.

All the tutorials I bring here are mentors of the designers we give the credits, I follow many of them that add value and knowledge. So my folks, let’s go for another amazing tutorial where the credits are all from the official website to clicking here.