Corner to Corner Graphghans Bear


More news here on our site for you. Welcome and prepare your materials to another incredible standard. As all ships already know, there is a pattern called c2c, which is the abbreviation from corner to corner. This pattern is well known and practiced, if you have not already, it is time to learn. There are several ways to do this, you can do this vertically with different colors, giving a different drawing, or you can do it all in one color. But what is fashionable and there are thousands of designs is the c2c chart that there are many designs to do with that kind of point.

Afghans are the most popular projects nowadays being made with hooks in the world of Crocheters. Afghan patterns are simple and quick to create, being square or rectangular or even using that point to make handkerchiefs, and crochet items with this pattern are very popular and widely practiced. Thus, each drawing chart can become an image and thus crochet and turn into a project, this is how the Song to Sing Chart came to exist and to be practiced.


About the Pattern Crochet

This pattern was founded by Sarah Zimmerman, who first inspired me long before I saw other bear designs and other drawings and I loved this new concept and found this idea of ​​C2C Pictures very cool. I searched the internet for some of those drawings that I always saw made with C2C point and I saw her site for the first time and that with the idea of ​​making a bear made me love and think … why not make a pattern like that ? as well as the 2019 project.

So I also decided to bring this popular spot to you, I do not know if you ever did this or you know more for yourself that you do not know or never had the opportunity to do, there to do for the first time and fall in love. Impossible not to think it beautiful that is not easy, simple, inspiring and beautiful. Always count the points on the chart so you do not get lost and make sure you do it correctly. This crochet is made diagonally due to the point from corner to corner. And do not forget to choose your colors, the more colorful the more beautiful the result of your design and more personalized.


Pattern Bernat Blanket Teddy Bear

She is one of my favorite writers in the crochet industry, she knows how to mix amazing colors and inspire everyone. If you also like the pattern using C2C you will love making this beautiful bear, don’t hesitate to do it now. It is just beautiful and fun to see him appear at every point made, I had so much fun and every point I made wanted to do more and more. Always do it with dedication, this pattern is great to give as a gift to children, nephews, relatives with babies, the result is very delicate. Have fun with the colors and details, use your imagination and leave your work with your way.

I left below a graph of this beautiful pattern today to help make the points, many people prefer to see the graph to facilitate counting the points in each part from the beginning of the bottom corner of the graph to the end. I also left a video tutorial that shows you step by step how to do this beautiful job. Enjoy this wonder and good work to all, do beautiful works and don’t forget to use soft and washable threads. Finished size: 40 inches high x 32 inches wide. Until the next pattern.

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Pattern by Repeat Crafter MeBernat Blanket Teddy Bear

Credits Video By ☞ The Crochet Crowd