Crochet Pattern Tunisian Interlaced


Crochet has been in our lives for many years, from pieces by our great-grandparents, grandparents, our mothers and today we also practice or meet people who do. And we always find someone in the rug or something crochet, it’s incredible isn’t it, crochet is always present. It never goes out of style so don’t worry about making garments or rugs, what you can do is innovate the piece when you want to do something different or get sick.

The crochet is very moldable and flexible, you can do it as you prefer and change the pattern whenever you want or mix it with others. Do it your way and your taste, leaving the piece more and more original and being unique, nobody has another one like it, this is very good. I love it when I make different pieces that nobody has, I feel unique and special because that piece is unique and nobody will have another one like that.


It is very useful both to make our garments and children’s pieces, as well as making pieces for our home helping with the decoration making the environment more elegant and comfortable for everyone. Today the pattern is very beautiful and many people also look for it to make because it is a very beautiful result, so get your materials and keep reading.

Crochet Pattern Tunisian Interlaced

Today’s crochet pattern is a pattern called Tunisian Interlaced, he has a very interesting designer of stitches interspersed in each other, thus giving an incredible final result to our eyes. I like patterns like that with a cool aspect that is interleaving the threads and in the end it is a different job. This pattern is very fun to learn and make, it is very relaxed so the time goes by quickly when we make it.

It looks beautiful and everything you want to produce, if you want you can make a beautiful blanket for the bed, or a baby blanket being smaller, a blanket for the sofa or for your rocking chair, table cloth, bag of guards, glasses, shawl , socks anyway, everything you want to do with it you can because the result is beautiful. On the internet there are several projects of people who made using this point, it is beautiful to see.


Assembling the pattern

Your creativity counts a lot when it comes to producing and creating, so let it flow and make beautiful pieces with this pattern. Make the pieces and give a touch of originality and charm to your environment or your look. About the colors, you can use a colorful pattern, use two colors or as in the photo above which is very beautiful using 5 colors mixing the light and dark tones which is a smooth and strong piece at the same time. If you want a cuter and more pleasant piece for babies, use light colors or two colors with a dark tone and a light one, it looks beautiful too. There are many pictures on the internet that we can be inspired by.

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I leave below the video tutorial that you will find all the information to make this pattern and showing the complete step by step making it together. If you liked this pattern just like me, then don’t waste time save the pattern and start as soon as possible, knowledge is never too much. Take your materials and do it together with the video, good job and I hope you like it, we have a lot of patterns news for the site this week.