Crochet Doily 3D


Sophistication, delicacy and beauty is what a crochet napkin can bring to your table. It is a beautiful item to complement a delicious dinner for two or even with the family. So be sure to follow this post to the end to check the step by step of this wonderful crochet napkin.

It is a piece that brings lightness and elegance at any time, can be made in different materials and does not cost too much. Crochet, in this case, can be done as a hobby, pastime, brain exercise and even as a source of income. I keep repeating the same point.


In times of pandemic we are at home and with free time we can double our production, have you ever thought how many sets of crochet napkins you can make and sell them? That’s right, earn money from the pieces you are making.

More practice you will get, so why not sell sets of 4, 6, and 8 pieces. The sales price of crocheted napkins varies a lot, depending on the quantity.

But it is important to evaluate the time spent x material x your labor and then give a fair price that surely your consumer will love, since every detail of a handmade piece should be appreciated with all taste. Crochet is a creativity to be adored, the richness in detail of each stitch, each way, each piece made by you will be a ritual of admiration.


Here on our site is the perfect place for you who are just starting in the business and want to learn, because we have tips, tutorials, information and complete step by step how to make each piece that we expose on our site.

Now all you need to do is to be willing and put your hands in the dough to make this wonderful model, check it out by clicking here to see the standard step by step direct from the developer of the method.