Amigurumi door weight tutorial


If you got here it is because you want to know with us how to make amigurumi door weights, continue with us until the end you will learn through a video tutorial step by step on how to make this amazing item.

Very simple, easy, versatile to make the same technique give to be applied to other items such as an amigurumi piggy bank and you can still make several pieces on the same day. It is very easy and simple to do.


Another very cool thing about this piece is that decorating the house in crochet is much easier than we thought, just mix recycling with this art that will surely come out as a passionate piece. Do you know what is the door weight that holds the door?

So in today’s tutorial, we will teach the step through video in class with the official creator of the piece and you will surely be falling in love even more with this world of creativity that is crochet.

Here we work with do it yourself, with crochet your world gains these possibilities, the cool thing is that you see this relaxing technique as something that can become a business.
We are in quarantine, social isolation and the time is to relax your mind and be reinventing, even if you are a beginner crochet hook, this piece is great to start and will be a selling success.


As usual the only material that we will need to start producing our piggy bank weight is thread, needle and recyclable material which in this case is the pet bottle. Cool huh? You must be asking, wow is this possible? Yes, crochet is a passionate world for those who like to be reinventing, today we are talking about a specific piece, more after you learn the stitch, whatever you want can be reproduced in crochet.

From the simplest pieces, even the most complex ones, just put your hands in the dough and start producing. Take the crochet as therapy vs income opportunity, since the pieces are so beautiful that anyone in love will see and will definitely order.

Another interesting thing about crochet is that it moves your body, in this case your motor coordination and your mind, since you need to have concentration to produce.
The more you produce, the more you will learn, the more perfect the finish of the pieces you become and the more passionate you are about this world.

Time will give you the necessary experience to produce pieces with closed eyes and even reproduce teddy bears and your favorite characters, because through this technique of the video tutorial it is possible to let your imagination take you wherever you want.

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The cool thing about crochet is the versatility, you can do it wherever you want, when you want and recreate what you want, the amigurumi technique is a fever of the moment, very versatile, easy to recreate just out of the box and let your imagination run free.

Well I think if you were not, you could already be in love with this world of creativity made in lines, here we leave the tutorial video of this incredible piggy door weight, divided into two parts which you can check on the official website below to which production credit for this piece is from Amanda Silva.

Part 01 -> Clicking here
Part 02 -> Clicking here