Mandala Madness Crochet Free Pattern


Doing matter here for you is always a pleasure because I know that many always expect me to bring news and make available here on the website for you amazing patterns that were looking or wanting to do. I love what I do and I will continue to do it can be sure.

I love crochet, I love my website, I love what I do, the craftsmanship is fantastic and I know you love them too. Crochet always has new patterns for us to learn, and with that we should always update ourselves and try to improve our practice of points.


I am passionate about handwork in clothes, especially when it is a more exclusive piece, which does not have a thousand identical fabrications scattered around the world.Of course having a closet only with this type of clothing is practically impossible, especially in this fast fashion era (a little fast is too good too haha)

But crochet holds my attention, just like leather, for being a piece that, if well cared for, can last for many years.Like the look of yesterday, I wore a crochet shawl, which we love and think is beautiful.

But take a look at the ideas of patterns that I leave here in the series for you, there are many beautiful and useful things.


As you will be using your crochet piece, it will depend a lot on your style, where you live and the mood of your city.

Some like to make quite a few other blankets like decorating objects other already likes the dresses and the skirts as it can create whatever you want, every woman likes to create your style.

Free Pattern Available : Mandala Madness