Crochet Baby Star Blanket Wrap Cozy


Hello my friends, let’s go to the second pattern of today here on our website, as I always say and whoever accompanies us knows that here we have patterns every day. This is the best for those who are always looking for news and innovations and also for the people who sell their pieces. Today’s pattern is for babies, I love pieces for babies and children, everything is more beautiful and delicate isn’t it.

The pattern is simple and practical, with easy stitches to make and this is very good for those who are starting to make this pattern and feel fulfilled. If you already know the basic points then you will be able to make this pattern naturally without difficulties and with more agility. Practicing points always improves your hand skills and your motor coordination and not to mention that it improves your memory a lot.


The crochet is really incredible, every day she admires me and gives me many joys. In addition to writing here for you on the site, sharing the news and what I find on the internet, I also work with it and love making pieces, especially to give someone a gift. I do not know in your opinion but in my opinion, giving a gift is more enjoyable than receiving a gift, I like to give gifts with things that I do myself.

About Pattern Crochet Baby Star 

The pattern I leave here today, as you can see above, is a super different, modern and cute blanket. It is a very delicate star-shaped crochet baby blanket, easy to make and quick. Children’s plays always draw attention on the internet, enjoy and publicize your work, you will love and enchant people.

This pattern is very useful for the cold day, besides making your child cute, delicate, it also warms up and makes you warm so you don’t get sick. It is a modern and beautiful piece for those who see it, perfect and cozy. You can put crochet appliqués if you prefer to leave more with your way and a unique piece for your baby. Regarding the color, in the photo there is an example of blue and pink, standard colors but you can use the color you prefer or use colored, mixed threads that change color and that beautiful and happy result is left. Colorful patterns bring joy to the piece, making it more relaxed and fun to make.


You can make crochet appliqués of flowers, hearts, smaller stars that will look beautiful in contrast to the star blanket, put moons, anyway, you can put what you think is cool and even more beautiful in your work, always use your creativity and create beautiful things with your own hands. This is a gift, a marvel with our ability and intelligence. Always use soft, anti-allergenic wires for these parts.

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If you are loving then see the link below, the step by step, written correctly with all the information and how to avoid mistakes, each part of this pattern is explained and it is time to assemble with the hood. Make beautiful works and make your children more beautiful, elegant and warm in the cold. In the link you will also find all the necessary materials, which you will use to make the pattern, the meaning of all the sgilas used in the written step by step is also left, all right to be sure. I hope you always come back and be aware that tomorrow there are more beautiful patterns here for everyone.

Step by step – Crochet Baby Star Blanket