Twisted Bargello Quilt


A patchwork quilt will never go out of fashion, it’s from antiquity and even today they exist with much more modernity. As time went on, the patterns were being renewed and modified, and today there are countless types of patterns and techniques made with fabrics. People who make handicrafts with their hands should always be updating themselves along with the modernity because it is always renewed. Remember that the more you practice the better your skill and experience will be able to pass from the craft level.

There are 3 main types of craftsmanship levels that are beginner, intermediate and advanced. Always practice more, try to make patterns that challenge you to test your skills, never be afraid to do some pattern because you think it is difficult. You can not always make pattern patterns because you will not be able to train more advanced things. Especially for those who work with sales it is important to always update so that you are always with news in your store.

This quilt looks beautiful on the wall as a decoration. Techniques of amendment and how to do this one of Bargello that will be taught here in our site. Keep reading and good work. TheBargello quilthas a surprisingly result, even with all the details and the dramatic swings and curves done with the waves of the colors and textures of quilts. It’s amazing how simple strips and lines turn into gorgeous bedspreads.

Color Choice

You need to choose more than one color to give the 3D effect. Many people choose up to 4 shades or more being always a tone on top of each other to give the most beautiful yet 3D effect and diminishing color, dark for the lightest or the opposite. Choose the colors that have the best results. Bring that basket of tecios in your stock of colors or go to a store to buy fabrics or you can even buy online for convenience, a tip is the great site of Amazon.

The pattern of matter today is a cosmic twist type pattern. It is a mixture of colors and pieces of stitched fabrics that slightly changing the alignment of the fabrics changes the ending thus giving the twisting effect. This pattern model uses several pieces of fabric cut into strips with different colors and being sewn into each strip all.


  1. Always align fabrics so that they are not bent before sewing fabrics and strips.
  2. Observe in the choice of tissues if there are no tears or blemishes.
  3. Wash tissues before use.

If your dream was to create beautiful bedspreads then take full advantage of this Bargello pattern and come to fruition. Eileen Wright wrote her second book on the subject, Twist-and-Turn Bargello Quilts, her teaching style is friendly. Take a look below that I leave video tutorial, I leave two types of design to do and get inspired. I also leave the step by step image I found and video tutorial. So, get your materials, rotary cutter, fabrics and start doing this new project: you can do it! Below I also leave a photo with other colors that can be done. Good job.

Pattern Step by Step 👉Twisted Bargello Quilt


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