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Single room is also synonymous with decorative freedom, that is, a space all its own. And what to do with all this freedom? Whatever you want! Only not so much. It will all depend on the configuration and the space you have available in your home. But that’s no reason to discourage or give up hope of having a beautiful single room. On the contrary! Listed here in this post everything you need to know to decorate a single room with style, comfort and practicality. In today’s post we will see more about it and still make available the pattern of a beautiful Noflaye Blanket so you can do it to help you decorate, companion the tips:

Measuring tape, pencil and paper, it’s no use saving thousands of photos in your Pinterest folder if you don’t even know the size of your room to decorate it. The exact measurements of the environment is the first point to consider when considering the decoration of the single room. They will tell you, for example, if you can afford a huge bed or a super-decorated wall.

So first of all take a tape measure, a pencil and draw on the paper the shape of your room and write down the measurements of each wall, the distance between them and the height of your right foot. Also remember to mark in this sketch the location of the door, windows and light points and sockets so that when decorating you have no mistakes.

Define your needs
With the measurements and the sketch in hand you can already have a good idea of ​​what can be done and start looking for references that come close to your decorating ideal. But there’s one more important thing to do, you know? Define your needs within the bedroom so you can start decorating. That’s right! There are people who use the single room only for sleeping, others use to watch TV, play video games and listen to music. And there are those who like to use the single room to welcome friends and make a little social.

Keeping in mind how this room will be used helps you better understand the type of furniture that is best suited for the environment, the free space needed, among other things. A person who, for example, uses the room only for rest and sleep need not worry about certain details that a person who uses the room to receive friends would need, such as what objects to use in the decoration, what colors to use and etc …

What does your style do?
The next step in decorating the single room is to define your favorite style of decoration. You can be the coolest, hip, or classic, neutral, clean type. Understanding the style that suits you is very important for the room to have its personality and style, as well as being a great starting point for guiding the overall decor in your room.

Free Pattern Available: Noflaye Blanket

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